Adult discipleship opportunities

Fall 2017 Adult Grow Group Opportunities

Sundays @ 10:15 a.m.

How to Read Your Bible

Let’s face it; we all struggle to understand our Bibles at times, and

sometimes it’s difficult to know how to apply what we read in the Bible to our contemporary world. 
This 3-part video series, which will be facilitated by Nate Barber and Dave Hart, will help you not
only read your Bible better but will also give you clear guidance on how to connect God’s Word to

your life.  This group will meet in the chapel room, near the kitchen in Fellowship Hall. 

Parent Time Out!

A new grow group for parents and other caregivers of children!  Join Nick Armstrong (Youth Pastor) and Laurie Postema (Children's Director) as this group explores topics related to parenting children of all ages.   

Participants can look forward to providing input as to the direction of the group and the topics to tackle. 
Parenting affords us some of the most rewarding moments of our lives but it can also present colossal

challenges.  Let's get together weekly to encourage one another, learn from each other and do more
than merely survive our parenting years!  This group will meet in Rooms 22-23.  

Prayers That Make a Difference

When you think of prayer, do you still default to the “Now I lay me down to sleep …” prayer we learned as children?  Using the book “The Daniel Prayer” by Anne Graham Lotz, this group will teach you how to pray biblically and wholeheartedly, with a focus on prayer as a means of growing your relationship with God. 
This group will be facilitated by Cathy Adams and will meet in the Fireside Room off from Fellowship Hall.

Six Steps to Healing and Hope   

This group is specifically for struggling parents of out-of-control teens and adult children and will be led by
Cathy Ogren.  Using materials from writer Allison Bottke, this group will provide helpful information,
support, and experience in an atmosphere of confidentiality to parents of children of all ages. 
This class will meet in the Conference room and we look forward to seeing you there!