During the summer of 2021 we are open for Sunday morning groups for children ages Nursery - Kindergarten and we’d love to have your child/children join us!  

What to do first:

We are asking you to pre-register your child/children online for their classroom group(s) so we can plan well.  To access this online registration, please click here

When you arrive Sunday morning:

With concern for everyone’s safety, when you arrive for service, please bring your child directly to their classroom and connect with the leader.  Each room has a sign
near the door indicating which age group meets there.

We would greatly appreciate students bringing their own Bible and water bottle, so you may want to make this a routine. We will take your cell phone number and will contact you if your child needs you during service (diaper change, tears, etc.).  Please keep your phone on silent or vibrate when you are in the worship center.

For security and safety, we will continue to ask you to pick your child/children up at the classroom. Please help your child/children understand this procedure is for their safety.  Please contact us at (231) 788-2321, ext. 33 or if you have questions or concerns.