Mission partners

"...and you will be my witnesses from Judea, 

to Samaria and Jerusalem,
to the ends of the earth"
                   Acts 1:8

  • Love, INC of Muskegon

    Love In the Name of Christ exists to help churches mobilize their members to be the hands and feet of Christ in their communities. As Christians we are called to those in need. It is only through the love of Christ, living in and reflecting by his people, that lives, burdened and broken by the world, can be transformed into wholeness. 

    To learn more about this ministry visit their website at http://loveincofmuskegon.com/

  • Mityana Diocese

    Fellowship Church has been partnered with Mityana Diocese since 2005. Mityana Diocese is under the Anglican church of Mityana.

    Fellowship Church supports the Micro-Finance program. It can be very difficult for a person to start their own business. The church of Mityana Diocese and its partners fund a loan program that makes it easier for people of Mityana to get their business growing to a point where they can make their own living and pay back the loan on a very low interest rate. 

    To learn more about this ministry visit their website at http://www.mityanadiocese.org/

  • Muskegon Rescue Mission

    From the time the Mission was established, it has provided food, shelter, clothing and spiritual direction to those in need. By relieving the immediate needs of our hurting neighbors Muskegon Rescue Mission is able to address the root cause of their distress and offer the spiritual nourishment necessary to effect true and lasting change. Our objective is to bring people to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, thus bringing them to dependence upon God and independence within society.

    To learn more about this ministry visit their website at: http://www.muskegonmission.org/about/

  • West Michigan Teen Challenge

    West Michigan Teen Challenge's mission is to evangelize people who have life-controlling problems and initiate the discipleship process to the point where the student can function as a Christian in society applying spiritually motivated biblical principles to relationships in the family, local church, chosen vocation, and the community. Teen Challenge endeavors to help people become mentally sound, emotionally balanced, socially adjusted, physically well, and spiritually alive.

    To learn more about this ministry visit their website at http://wm-tc.com/

  • Words of Hope

    Words of Hope is an international ministry that communicates the Gospel through
    radio and other means to people who would not otherwise have the opportunity to
    hear the message of Jesus. Since 1945, Words of Hope has been taking the Gospel into some of the hardest-to-reach areas of the world, and currently they broadcast in over 30 languages to places like the Middle East, South Asia, Africa, and Europe. The Words
    of Hope staff is also involved in follow-up work with those who hear their broadcasts so that they can be connected to a local church.


    To learn more about this ministry visit https://woh.org/.

  • Young Life

    Fellowship Church has been partnered with Young Life since 2012. Young Life is a non-profit ministry that reaches out to high school and middle school students and presents the Gospel in a way that they can understand. 

    A WyldLife club is held at Oakridge Middle School in Muskegon on Friday afternoons. Every student is invited to come play games, eat pizza, win raffle prizes, and hear a brief message about the gospel. 

    To learn more about this ministry please visit younglife.org

    Interested in becoming a Volunteer Young Life Leader or Committee Member? 

    Contact Nick Armstrong at nick@fellowshipmuskegon.org